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8 Common Types of Freelance Writing Jobs in 2020

types of freelance writing

We may start with this question that is asked by many, what do freelance writers write about, and why? Well, they write about anything and everything! The freelancing world can get one writing on – how to breathe, how to cheat on your girlfriend, or why pastors wear suits. The idea here is that this niche attracts all kinds of readers. Therefore there is no limit on what to write on. Have you ever desired to work from home? Then this is your golden opportunity.

Here are some of the hot types of freelance writing that you can venture in and make a living out of them:

Academic Writing

Such types of freelance writers complete assignments for high school or college students. It may include essays, research papers, or any other kind of task in an academic subject. It is one of the well-paying freelance writing jobs.

Where to get them: Check WritingJobz – there’s always lot of orders available.

College: Yes, but it depends on the academic level you are writing for

Experience: High-level writing skills are needed here.

Research Writing Jobs

Research writing is one of the most sought after niche in the freelance industry. Businesses or corporates need to come up with innovations to be ahead of the rest. The only tool that can facilitate this is research. However, this niche requires that you have some of the research writing skills such as analysis, evaluation, or methodology. It is one of the highest paying freelance writing jobs.

Where to get them: WritingJobz.com. Also, explore different job boards and research companies.

College: You need a degree or certificate to excel here.

Experience: Yes


Now, I know that you may be wondering, aren’t blogs meant for specific well-known bloggers? The answer is, No! Blog posts are posted on different blog platforms to attract web visitors and convert them to buy the service or product the site is offering. By this, you can write for businesses, restaurants, sports organizations, or marketing bureaus. However, they should be informative, general, and well-researched.

Where to get it: Visit any of the following sites: Blogging Jobs, ProBlogger, Performancing, and Craigslist, among many others available on the internet.

College: No

Experience: It depends on the site

Web Content

It is content for websites. What happens here is that a company may want to have a website up and running. For this to be possible, they will need content for their web pages. These include: about us, contact us, our services, products, who we are, why us, and many others. Such content is in the first person and a selling pitch.

Where to get it: Sites such as Constant Content, About.com, WiseGeek, Associated Content, and Demand Studios.

College: It is one of the writing jobs without degree qualifications.

Experience: Some sites may put this as a requirement

Newspaper Columnist Jobs

It is one of the types of writing jobs that are growing every day both for online news sites and magazines. As the information age continues to rise, the production of printed magazines and newspapers is at a go-slow. However, online websites are compensating for this by offering online newspaper columnist jobs. With this, you can earn for writing about topics that you are fond of exploring.

Where to get them: You can directly send you a column to the newspaper agency of your choice.

College: It varies with the news agency

Experience: You may be required to have a resume

Press Release Writing

Press releases come when a company or organization intends to launch a product or service. They, therefore, inform the existing and potential clients of these new products that they are bringing into the market. It is one of the shortest types of writers’ jobs with words ranging from 450 to 500. Brevity and conciseness are some of the skills you have to master for this kind of situation.

Where to get them: Contact PR firms, business, and follow the latest PR writing job ads.

College: Not a mandatory requirement

Experience: For a severe company, yes.

Resume Writing Jobs

It is among the many types of writing careers that have been in the market for years now. Many people are looking for jobs daily, and competition is rising. One of the ways to circumnavigate through this is a top-notch resume. With the realization of this secret, many people seek online resume writing services.

Where to get them: Resume writing firms, Ads, or individual advertisement.

College: Yes

Experience: Yes

Writing Books for Others

We are living in the knowledge age where many people are venturing into book writing. It has therefore opened up a portal for freelance writers to help authors in completing their books. Other freelancers write the book for an author from scratch to the last page. With the right client, you can receive a handsome amount of money:

Where to get them: Trade publications, job ads, etc.

College: Yes

Experience: Yes

The bag does not stop there. There are over 100 types of freelance jobs that can earn you a living. Many writers have perfected their freelancing skills and updated their resumes to meet the ever-changing freelance requirements.

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