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The Divisive World of Health Writing Jobs

Freelance health writing jobs exist for individuals looking to expand their career horizons. While there are several topics for writers to cover, a health care writing job will often get segmented even further in to very detailed niche topics, such as:

  • Consumer Health
  • Public Health
  • Health Copywriting

If you are in search of a health care writing job, you should consider narrowing your search down to one of these three areas. Whatever your schedule, experience level and future goals are, is a great option to find health writing jobs. Our service is reliable and professional to customers and writers alike.

Consumer Health

Consumer health writing jobs exist for writers with a background in the complex world of scientific topics. This niche is difficult to write about and writers must be prepared to inform readers in a manner that is easy to read, yet not overly simplified to miss out on the complexities of the issues addressed. Writers should use language that will not confuse the readers unfamiliar with scientific terminology. At the same time, writers need to be sure to include data and correct phrasing to remain professional. A good practice to apply to consumer health writing opportunities is to define scientific terminology in select portions of the article.

Public Health

Landing a public health writing job can be a great experience. As a writer, you’ll get to apply various factors to your articles, such as: age, sex, medicine, gender, individual and cultural behaviors, family dynamics, race and education. A common theme found in a public health writing job is the need for clear communication amongst a large number of parties involved.

Similar to consumer health writing, writers in the public health sector should focus on readability of work, while maintaining a level of professionalism through the use of necessary scientific terminology.

Health Copywriting

Copywriting is the practice of producing written content media, either online or print materials, primarily for the purpose of advertising. The media is generally persuasive in nature, so marketing material is often conveyed by copywriters. This type of writing can also be applied to the health writing segment by raising awareness of a brand or health condition. Health copywriter jobs exist as a full-time position and employers can be found in several countries, including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. Within the United States, many positions will be offered in Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, New York and other large cities.

Online Freelance Writing

Writers looking to pursue work in any of the aforementioned health writing sectors can consider online freelance writing as an independent contractor. Positions exist that will allow you to work remotely and can be found on various websites, such as WritingJobz. Our website can provide new writers with health writing jobs. While we are a fairly service, the variety of writing services we provide to students and business are professional and reliable. On top of that, the website is a great place for freelance writers to find work at any point in their writing career.


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