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How Master Writing Jobs Disappointed Our Writers

We heard about Master Writing Jobs from many of our writers. As you probably know, most freelance writers are always looking for new jobs. And in the process, they try various writing services, both new and established. Some services are better than others, of course. The problem is that we have heard a lot of unsettling things about Master Writing Jobs. So we decided to write a Master Writing Jobs review. We are not saying that the company has bad intentions; we are saying that they have a lot to improve on. All our information is based on what our writers have shared with us about this company. Very few of them talked about a Master Writing Jobs scam, so at least we don’t believe this service to be a scam.

What Is Master Writing Jobs?

Like us, MasterWritingJobs is a company that hires writers, gives them access to its clients’ writing jobs and then pays them. But there is a problem... You will find quite a lot of Master Writing Jobs reviews out there, and many of them are neutral or even negative. To put this into perspective, 95% of our reviews are positive – both from our writers and from our clients. Is Master Writing Jobs a scam? We don’t believe so. However, they clearly have problems with retaining their professional writers. Many of their writers have chosen to join our team, for example. And it seems that the Master Writing Jobs BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating is falling. We work hard to maintain our A+ rating, for example. Believe us, it takes hard work, a lot of time, and a lot of dedication to avoid negative complaints and to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible.

A Quick Master Writing Jobs Review

Let’s start with the obvious. Are the owners of Master Writing Jobs legit? Yes, at least the company is not a scam. However, according to writers who used to work for them, they have some serious problems. It looks like the pay is on the low side. While we strive to pay our authors a fair price for every page of content, MasterWritingJobs does everything in its power to pay as little as possible. Also, it came to our attention that the company has problems with paying on time. There are frequent delays. Of course, there are no Master Writing Jobs Forbes articles. There are no credible mentions of them anywhere online. Also, some of their jobs get cancelled without reason and the writer does not get any compensation. We think it is extremely important to offer real writing jobs. In fact, we spend a lot of time selecting the best writing jobs for our writers – and only from clients that we trust. So in case you are looking for a reliable writing job service that cares about its writers - is your best option.

So, Is Master Writing Jobs a Scam?

Is Master Writing Jobs legit? It may be, but the many problems that their writers face is turning the company into a nightmare for the average author. Our writers, for example, get all the support they need. We answer their inquiries in a timely manner and we help them in any way we can. We know that our company would not survive without its valued writers. And then there was a problem with the Master Writing Jobs refund process. We have to add in our review that while this company is not a scam, it has serious problems refunding money.

What About Their Feedback?

Is Master Writing Jobs a scam? No. However, the feedback about them is mostly negative. If they can’t even process a refund request in 3 days (we do it in 1-2 days), what can you expect? Here at Writingjobz, we can’t regard Master Writing as competition, honestly. So we wish them the best of luck improving the conditions for their writers. Writers deserve better!


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