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Top Speech Writing Jobs in 2020 & How To Find Them


Speech writing jobs have gained tremendous demand from everyone – students, professionals, and even the elderly. Research shows that over 75% of college and high school students go for speech writer jobs. They take them as part-time gigs to cater for their pocket money as well as school fees.

Let us have an in-depth analysis of these jobs and why you should start looking for one if you haven’t yet. 

What Are Speech Writing Jobs?

They entail creating and editing speeches for different purposes and occasions. Speechwriters can work for PR, political or corporate sectors while others can do for organizations as freelancers.

As a speechwriter, you will research the specific topic and closely work with the client to deliver the work. 

How To Be a Speechwriter

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need any form of special writing skills to become one. Speechwriters for hire only need to possess essential skills necessary for remote working. Some of these include:

  • Ability to research interesting facts and statistics on the topic
  • Being able to articulate written briefs 
  • Understand the structure of speeches and appropriate writing styles
  • Be an excellent public speaker
  • Attention to detail

All these are qualities anyone can possess. Nevertheless, most clients who look for a speechwriter online want to hold a Bachelor’s degree in a communication-related discipline.

Different Kinds of Speechwriter Jobs

Speech writing is a specialized area of freelance writing which requires a wide range of skill set requirements for candidates. Although this can be uniquely challenging, you can still find an area of interest for yourself and write on it. 

Let’s explore some of these areas:

Political Speech Writing Jobs

These jobs entail writing professional and elaborate speeches given by politicians. You can register to write for political figures such as Mayors, Governors, Prime Ministers, or Presidents with such a job. These writing gigs are in high demand during political campaigns culminating in the electioneering period. 

A political speechwriter salary may vary depending on the post of the client. Some of the responsibilities of political speechwriters include:

  • Determining key issues that the politician will discuss
  • The length of each topic during the discussion
  • The overall size of the whole speech
  • The tone of the speech

Watch out for political speech writing jobs NYC in September and October before the US general elections.

Remote Corporate Speech Writing Jobs 

You can write business speeches for corporates in the comfort of your home. Most of these jobs attract high rates as they entail working with giants in the business world. Some of the possible clients include Microsoft, Apple, Ford Motor Company, and Burger King. 

Your responsibilities include:

  • Translating corporate positions into messages
  • Writing press releases
  • Writing management philosophies 

Since this is a remote gig, you will generally be independent but also collaborative.

Entry Level Online Speech Writing Jobs

If you are fresh out of college with no relevant experience, this is where you start. Many entry-level writers may have one or two ideas about the subject but no substantial expertise. Although it is not a path that you can quickly tread, it is something worth trying.

There are online sites that specifically have speech writing jobs for beginners. The problem with this is that the salary may be as low as $2 for an 800-word speech. However, this should not discourage you. Other sites pay well for beginners.

Jobs in Executive Speech Writing

An executive speechwriter provides inspirational and insightful speeches, creates narratives, and may even develop Executive remarks. The job will entail research, interviews, writing, and editing internal and external communications.

How To Find Freelance Speech Writing Jobs UK

Finding these gigs is made possible with the numerous online sites available. However, here are some of the most reputable and well-paying sites:

With 100+ new projects posted daily, Writing Jobz is the number one choice for you. It allows you to design your schedule around your preferred working style. Speechwriters can write as much as they want in their own pace and time, and receive high returns for it.

It is free with many niches to write on, such as economics, business, health, and politics.

  • Up Work

It is another site where you can find top-rated speech writing jobs. Since it is competitive, beginners may not thrive well here, but experts are sure to find work.

  • Truelancer.com

You can find speech wring jobs by top employers from this site. It offers a platform for both new and experienced speech freelancers in several niches. 

Benefits of Remote Speech Writing in the Times of COVID-19

  1. You can work from home without having to interact with people. Thus, it will reduce the risk of you contracting the virus. 
  2. It gives you the freedom to do what you love. You do not have to keep up with a nagging and boring boss or supervisor every day. 
  3. It reduces costs. With the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the economy, it is difficult for most people to hire office space. Remote speech writing allows you to work on your bed or the balcony.
  4. You have your job secure. Freelance writing is available in times of pandemics or economic deterioration. 

Therefore, whether you are looking for speech writing jobs New York, UK, or any other place, you can be sure to find one on Writing Jobz. Be your boss today, and start earning as a speechwriter!

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