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Copywriting vs Content Writing: Understanding the Difference

While it might sound great to call yourself a copywriter, there is a difference between copywriting and content writing you might not be aware of. You might be doing one or the other (or you might be doing both) and getting a clear understanding of the differences can help you improve your prospects and target the writing jobs that appeal to your strengths. Both require you to be a good writer but there are different goals for each that demand different approaches in order to reach one’s goals.

Copywriting for Website Content

When you are considering the difference between copywriter vs content writer you need to establish your ultimate purpose. If you want to drive people to your site you need to employ techniques that will increase your site’s page rankings, use clicks using SERPs, incorporating backlinks from reputable sites, and keeping visitors to your site from leaving by encouraging them to browse other pages. Website content requires extensive knowledge of SEO techniques while still being conversational.

In addition, you may also be required to write for social media sites and write material for video recordings. These are just a couple of examples of projects that also require SEO techniques with the aim of driving traffic to your main site.

Web Content Copywriting

In order to become a web content copywriter, you need to write blogs and articles with the purpose of being informative and interesting by building authority and trust. You need to specialize in search engine optimization and utilize keywords, phrases, titles, and sub-titles that increase traffic to the page. If you are writing for somebody else you may be given a list of these items and must spread them throughout the content. You may also have to write off-page SEO content which can take the form as meta titles and descriptions which also have keywords that increase traffic to the page and turn them into sales or leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the top five FAQs we’ve gathered from readers throughout the web. These have been discussed on forums and have been submitted to us in the last year alone, and we’ve asked experts in both content copywriting and copywriting web content and are sharing their responses here:

How does the difference between copywriter and content writer change my prospects?

The biggest difference in copywriting vs content marketing is that the former attempts to generate traffic and turn it into customer sales or leads while the latter is to generate traffic through effective SEO strategies. Both professions utilize the same skills and one generally doesn’t make more over the other unless special large projects come about.
One must simply determine which of the two is required given any particular project and then employ the appropriate techniques to achieve project goals. The difference comes down to simply defining what you are trying to do and then take the right approach.

Do I need to develop two different sets of skills when copywriting and content writing?

It does not matter if you are looking toward becoming a copywriter vs content writer; there are five essential skills you need to develop to find success in either of these fields. First, you need to be a polished writer: this means creating material that is easy to read, making complicated topics easy to understand, and writing completely error-free. Second, you need to know how to create catchy titles and headlines. Third, you need to focus on your audience and know how to reach them by appealing to their expectations. Fourth, you need to understand the topic inside and out without having to conduct extensive research. And fifth, you need to be aware of marketing techniques to create content that reaches a target audience.

What are the most popular copywriting website content jobs?

A simple keyword search on the web will bring up hundreds of listings for freelance copywriting jobs. Writers who have a knack for words and phrases that command attention and have a few marketing skills to understand how to sell a product, service, or topic can excel in this field.

Content marketing vs copywriting is something that goes hand in hand – but there are some subtle differences that need to be addressed. As traditional methods of marketing are quickly becoming obsolete, content marketing focuses on developing material that attracts a targeted group of people and keeping them hooked to remain on a website selling a specific message. It’s these roles that command the greatest attention on the web and are among the most competitive.

How much can one make copywriting vs content writing?

The pay rates for each are similar but do vary depending on the actual content. According to U.S. surveys, the average pay is between $45,000 to $50,000 for both types of professions. However, this all depends on the actual size or scope of individual projects.

If you take on a long-term client who can provide you with regular projects (e.g., one or two articles per week) then you can expect to come close to the higher end of the average pay. If you take on several short-term clients then you usually make more per job but will have to constantly search for and submit proposals in order to earn a steady income.

Should I consider a job as an SEO content writer?

Both big and small companies that wish to draw more attention and organic traffic to their sites require the skills of a solid SEO content writer that is knowledgeable of internet search engine algorithms and strategies.
Writing needs to be compelling, easy-to-read (e.g., access to large audiences), and informative. A writer must understand how search engine optimization work and must be able to include keywords that are highly searched in order to boost his or her content’s result rankings.

The most common examples of writing jobs that require SEO skills are blogs, articles, and site pages. Each of these usually run at about 800 words and are meant to primarily increase a site’s rankings through organic traffic.

For more information and to learn about the difference between a content writer vs copywriter reach out to individual websites that contain material that interests you. Also, many professional writing sites offer launching pads or stepping stones for young writers looking to break into the field. Reach out to one of them to learn how you can get started and how you can develop your skills. Many places are open to putting your talents to the test and can get you on your way towards a great paying career.

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