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Why Is Grammar Important? Advice For Writers

When learning a second language, many people oftentimes wonder, why is grammar important? Well, correct grammar is the key to speaking a language confidently and fluently. When you know the grammar of a language, you can avoid errors that make you sound strange when speaking to its native speakers.

For instance, “Let’s eat Grandma!” and “Let’s eat, Grandma!” have different meanings yet they may seem the same. One is inviting Grandma for a meal while the other one is telling somebody to join you in a cannibalism activity. It shows that you can scare some people, cause confusion, be misunderstood, and cause a whole lot of problems if you don’t know how to use grammar correctly.

It’s no doubt that grammar is important when it comes to language study. But, grammar can be difficult and complex for some people to master. Nevertheless, using good grammar in different situations is important, especially when having a professional conversation. The perception that people will have about you can also be influenced by how you use grammar.

Why is Grammar Important in the Corporate World

Good grammar is important in situations where how well you use a language can be used to evaluate your skill level. For instance, when going for a job interview in a country where English is the official language, how well you use grammar can determine your qualification. In that case, the employer will most likely be interested in your written and spoken English, especially if you want to get a writing job.

Perhaps, to demonstrate why grammar is important is the fact that a significant percentage of employers dislike applications due to grammar and spelling errors. This shows that correct grammar will do more than demonstrate your linguistic skills. It will also depict you as a diligent person with a keen eye for detail.

When it comes to business, using grammatically incorrect phrases can taint your brand. Some people will decide whether to do business with you or not depending on how well you articulate your ideas. In some cases, the grammatical aspect of a business proposal or report will influence the response of the readers.

Essentially, weird grammatically correct sentences in a proposal or report can lead to the loss of a business deal. That’s why people should take grammar seriously in daily life no matter what they do for a living.

Why Using Proper Grammar is Important in Social Life

Humans are social beings. And language plays a major role in human socialization. A student that intends to study abroad may wonder why grammar is important in second language learning. Similarly, a person that intends to work in a foreign country may not know the importance of grammar.

Well, grammar is very important in the social life of a person. Some people choose the people they befriend depending on how articulate they are. Even in online dating sites and apps, more people are unlikely to chat with individuals that use poor grammar. Some will even analyze grammatically incorrect phrases to determine whether they are reasonable.

What’s more, nobody wants to be misunderstood when visiting new places or meeting new people. Following the most important grammar rules can prevent confusion. Grammar can affect the response that you get from the people you meet and interact with. Therefore, you should learn to structure sentences correctly and use the right words.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you avoid using the good better best grammar completely. Not every situation requires you to use perfect grammar. For instance, you can relax your grammar when having fun with close friends. You can also use a simplified or casual language when texting a friend. But, when talking to a professional, always take the grammatical aspect of your conversation seriously.

Why is Grammar Important in Writing?

Many students whose English is their second language have difficulties completing their writing assignments. That’s because though they have relevant information, ideas, and data, they don’t know how to organize and present them logically. This is a grammatical case that shows how good grammar can play a role in the success of a person in life.

Similarly, some people lose their jobs due to grammatical errors in reports and other corporate documents. An employer can consider laying off an employee if they make a mistake that leads to significant business losses. It’s not surprising that some people opt to study a grammatical subject even after getting jobs. That’s because they want to retain their jobs or enhance their chances of being promoted.

For those in the corporate world, well or good grammar enhances credibility. To elaborate on this, think about the attitude that people have towards an online magazine or a newspaper whose articles have grammatical errors. Most people start questioning the legitimacy of the data or information in an article that has grammatical errors.

This is also the case when talking to a person on a personal level. Chances of getting a job after an interview will largely depend on how well you use grammatical morphemes and the ability to construct grammatically correct sentences.

How to Improve Your Grammar

So far, the question ‘why is grammar so important’ has been answered. It’s now logical to learn how to improve grammar. Well, how you improve your grammar will depend on why this is necessary. For instance, a person that needs good grammar to perform daily chores at work may improve it differently with another person that needs it for a trip to the United States. Similarly, a person that needs good grammar to travel to an English-speaking country has different needs with a student that needs to improve their grammar to pursue an undergraduate program in the same country. Nevertheless, both need to improve their grammar.

  • One of the best steps to good grammar is enrolling for a college course. Several colleges offer courses to people that want to learn languages like English. So, if you want to improve your grammar, enrolling for English as a second language course can improve your grammar.
  • You can also use online resources like tutorials to learn the grammar of a language. A good tutorial will teach you things like different grammatical categories and grammatical symbols. Using the right online resources can sharpen your grammar. However, you may still need to interact with and learn from people that speak a language.
  • What’s more, you should get a good grammar book and practice by speaking and writing. For instance, you should know how to use a grammatical number like a noun. You also need to know how to ensure correct verb agreement and use adjectives when expressing count distinctions.

Final Thoughts

This article has answered the question, ‘is grammar important?’ Essentially, the outcome of some situations will depend on your ability to use grammar correctly. Unfortunately, most people often overlook good grammar. They consider it unnecessary. Some even argue that all a person needs is to speak and be understood. Thus, making grammatical errors in both spoken and written language shouldn’t matter. But, this is not true.

People that use correct grammar in their spoken and written language enjoy many benefits. They also stand a higher chance of getting more opportunities in the social and corporate world. So, how good is grammar? If your grammar is not good, you can still improve it and get into writing business. You can enroll in a linguistic course or use online resources to improve your grammar.

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