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Computer Science Degree: How To Get A Job?

The Internet is the most amazing source of information there is. For most of us however, it can be a source of frustration, and that’s because we just don’t know enough about how computers work – how they process information.

Having a computer science degree will spare you endless frustration. Not only that, we’re living in a digital age where computer programs all but rule our lives. Computer scientists are the ones who design and apply the hard- and software for these programs. Jobs for these scientists with a computer science degree are waiting with wide open doors.

Every industry uses computers, and computer science degree jobs are plentiful for scientists who want to figure out software and programs that work well for a particular industry.

What is a Computer Science Degree?

It is the study of computers and computational systems. It’s knowing how to work with software and software systems. Students who get a degree in computer science will have knowledge on:

  • computer operating systems
  • designing and implementing programs
  • database systems
  • software design
  • artificial intelligence
  • computer architecture
  • electrical engineering
  • coding
  • computer networking

If you think a computer science degree is for you, at high school you’ll need to be good at maths. With your application to universities, they’ll also look for top marks in physics, IT and computing.

Computer science degree requirements suggest that undergraduate applicants for CS degrees pick up a programming language before university just to make things more clear. At university you’re going to be coming across languages such as Java, Pascal, Python and C++.

Entry requirements will however vary between the different institutions, but wherever you go, maths is number one.

Students can go for a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. in different specialties of computer science, as already mentioned. As the 21st century marches on and artificial intelligence becomes more evident, knowing robotics, machine learning and logical reasoning will have you being in high demand.

What can you Do with a Computer Science Degree?

The question really ought to be ‘what CAN’T you do with a computer science degree? The reason for this is that every business, small and large, relies on computers to function every day. What can I do with a computer science degree is easy to answer – simply anything you want.

  1. Some organizations have many computers and they have their own in-house IT specialists. Jobs with computer science degree could therefore mean you choosing an industry you love to work in. It could be medical, hospitality, manufacturing or aerospace for instance where you could head up their IT department.
  2. You could work with huge names such as Google or you could open your own business and never be without work. The world, with a computer science degree, is literally your oyster.
  3. With more and more kids and students using personal computers as well as mobile devices for education, it becomes more and more important to have management tools to monitor and control a child’s activities online. You may want to develop some cyber-patrol tools that will give parents 100% peace of mind that their kids are ‘safe’ online – the job opportunities are literally endless.

Computer Science Degree Salary

When you look at the salary for someone with a computer science degree, you can see they’re going to enjoy a high standard of living. The average salary for someone with this kind of tech degree can be anything from roughly:

  • $65,000 per year for a data analyst
  • $107 000 for a software engineer
  • $118 000 per year for a C++ developer.

With money like this, ‘is a computer science degree worth it’, is a question that gets a resounding yes, not just for the money but for the sheer choice of jobs you have. With a Masters degree in computer science, you have the chance to go for more advanced positions and even higher salaries.

Online Computer Science Degree – MUST be Accredited

An online computer science degree is possible for anyone who can’t get to university classes. Just like with a land-based college or university, you need to make 100% sure that you get your computer science degree online from an accredited college. This tells you that the college meets the appropriate standards of quality education.

These standards are set by a board or government agency. Without being accredited, your degree in computer science will be worth nothing. Before you sign up with any online college, first verify that the college is accredited.


A computer science online degree from an excellent online college is a great help for busy students as it offers wonderful flexibility. You can always go online and type in the words ‘best online computer science degree from an accredited online college, and research the ones that come up.

Bachelor’s Degree – well worth the effort…

You don’t ever have to ask yourself what to do with computer science degree, because you have the world at your feet.

It is well worth the time and the effort to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science (BS / BSc). This is because studies show that, of all STEM-related academic fields, it is technology that will open the most doors once you have your degree.

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