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Best Writing Apps – Improve Your Skills And Become A Pro

Reading plays a huge role in becoming a good writer – in fact, you can write a novel when practicing reading a lot. Look at how many ordinary people achieve something amazing, such as scaling Mount Everest, and then they write a book about their experiences.

Writing a book is no easy feat, but with great apps for writers, you’ll be inspired to take the plunge, write about your experiences, and see your book becoming a bestseller.

The Best Free Apps For Writers

Yes, you can write a novel making use of your iPad, iPhone or Mac, together with free apps for writers and some of your awesome imagination.

There are also ways to get help for your writing – apps for writers, some of them free and others recommended by authors and writers. The apps simply help you to be a smarter writer.

  • Many people want to write children’s books for a living, and then the best app for writing a book will be an app for writing quotes on pictures. Look at an app like Phonto as an example – it is a powerful app where you can add words to an image. It has more than 200 fonts to choose from too.
  • Then there’s the Hemingway writing app – a word processor specially designed for writers. The app will highlight long, cumbersome sentences. You can split the sentences and make them more readable. Additionally, you can then format your text with the toolbar.
  • If you have dyslexia, for instance, your solution is speech to text apps for writers. In particular, the Dragon app saves you so much time. For quick talkers, the app keeps up. One drawback though is that once the free trial is over, you’ll need to pay for this cool app.

No Need To Spend – Free Apps For Writers

Writing a good story has its challenges, but with the book writing apps available today, it can become a breeze.

Apps for writers free of charge are available too. A free book writing app for Windows, for instance, can help you effortlessly come up with great articles and research papers.

You don’t have to fork out money for writing apps. Some of the best apps for writers are free. Free writing apps for Windows 10 that you can use to come up with brilliant articles are:

  • ProWriting Aid, a book writing app for Windows, is an excellent grammar and writing checker for the long-form articles. You can use the free version.
  • Grammarly is one of the best free apps for writers. This grammar checker is available for online editing on different platforms and applications. For more professional writing and editing, you can pay a fee for Grammarly Premium.
  • Evernote – meet all your basic writing needs with Evernote. It has 60MB space available in the free plan, but you can get the upgrade for a fee.
  • MS Notepad – Copying and pasting text in word processing apps can go wrong; therefore, MS Notepad cleans text, allowing you to copy the cleared text for editing.

The best apps for writers are valuable as they provide writers with the means to create a visual story on all mobile devices. The best apps for writers on Android are those with minimal interfaces.

If you’re looking for creative writing apps, the best Android apps for writers include, among others, JotterPad, Writer Plus, Monospace, and Inkredible. That is an app designed for actual handwriting as opposed to typing.

You can add different paper backgrounds too, such as lined paper with margins. Other features include word counter, typewriter-style scrolling, and support for cloud storage. With tablets, there is also split-screen support, and there is a free version too.

Chrome apps for writers such as Writer is also a cool, distraction-free writing tool. It automatically saves your writing and keeps an unlimited number of documents.

Some of the best iPad apps for writers are Evernote, Cloud On, and Goodreader, among others. While there are lots of great options for Mac and iOS, research shows that the award-winning Ulysses writing app to be among the best mac apps for writers that there is.

Your one-stop writing app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, – Ulysses – tackles the entire writing process, with every conceivable writing tool at the tips of your fingers.

Other apps for writers include LibreOffice, an amazing, free word processor option for writers wanting an alternative to Word. It has some excellent features, allowing you to create everything from memos and articles to books, making use of the online editor.

What’s the Weird-Sounding Dangerous Writing App?

Some writers will say that the most dangerous writing app is an amazing tool due to the following reasons:

  • it is eliminating writer’s block
  • it is putting you into the right mindset
  • it is forcing you to start writing and to keep on writing.

Of course, if you stop writing for a few short seconds, all your text just fades away like a morning mist. Everything you wrote is lost. Love it or hate it – it can be amazingly useful or downright dangerous.

Poets aren’t left out either, and if you’re a budding poet at college, a poem writing app such as Poet’s Pad has a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus, as well as editing and word-processing functions. A valuable digital audio recorder is also available for those poets who want to speak as opposed to writing.

The best dictation app for writers includes the likes of Voice Notes and Speechnotes. Speechnotes, for instance, is more geared towards lengthy dictations while Voice Notes specializes in taking short, quick notes.

The hardest part of writing can be not only knowing what to write about but also writing logically so that it’s easily readable. The best writing apps take your disorganized writing and turn it into something that will be of huge interest to your readers.

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