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Why Traveling Is Important? Advice For Freelance Writers

Travelling has long been considered an activity that is highly recommended as a means for expanding or broadening the mind. One can learn firsthand about different cultures, societies, cuisines, religions, and politics by visiting a foreign place. But one doesn’t always have to go to another country to enjoy the benefits of travel. The best trip ever was one I took to the eastern region of the U.S. (I’m from the west coast) when I went as a part of a high school trip to visit colleges. It was at the time that I realized I like travelling and I would take every opportunity afforded to me to see new places every year – both domestic and international.

Why Travel Is Important

It is part of human nature to want to move around rather than stay in one place. In reading any well-written essay about travelling, you should get a sense of the writer’s desire to go “beyond the yard” in a sense and explore new things. Traveling abroad provides this opportunity. You don’t have to be held back by your age – people can travel when they are young and old alike. The point is to get out there. After all, it is in our DNA to be curious and wonder. Also, traveling allows you to start a blog writing career.

Essays about Travelling

Part of what makes the art of travel so appealing is the opportunity to share one’s experiences with others. But it’s not enough to simply describe a place as you see it or offer a basic critique of the location. You need to think much like a creative or fiction writer does – use details that make a place spring to life in the reader’s mind. Use a hook and vivid language to paint a picture – and be sure that you are telling your story by writing from all the senses. Thinking about a location in new ways is just one of the joys and reasons why traveling is important.

Making My Own Journey

My journey from a creative writer to travel writer started as early as that first trip in high school I described. At the time I knew nothing about writing an essay on travelling – but I did know how to write a creative work of fiction. With plenty of practice and a lot of patience I utilized my literary skills to bring my travels to the forefront in the form of 1000 – 2000 word essays. Your work doesn’t need to meet these word counts, just find something that is more suitable to your level of comfort and works continuously on developing your skills.

Creating Flexible Goals (Must-Dos)

  1. Plan to try out new things.
  2. Take the opportunity to try out as many new things as humanly possible. Never zip-lined or jumped from a plane? Give it a go. The best travelling essays all emphasize some kind of activity most people can’t do locally. Capture something that will fascinate your audiences for its unfamiliarity.

  3. Keep a travel journal/diary.
  4. When you purchase a travel journal or diary and make it a point to fill it with your experiences at least once every couple of days, writing a travelling essay will be much easier. It will also allow you to develop visual details that will make your writing that much more enjoyable.

  5. Don’t stick to touristy areas.
  6. Many people plan on visiting important, historical, or beautiful sites simply because these are the most familiar. These places, however, are often filled with tourists and don’t allow for authentic cultural experiences. Take the opportunity to visit these as well as lesser known spots.

  7. Prepare to spend money.
  8. This may be a little hard for some. Having enough money to thoroughly enjoy a trip domestically or internationally requires you to spend some money. Don’t let this deter you from travelling, however. Plan ahead of time and make sure you allow some room in your budget to splurge while away.

  9. Stay safe but enjoy yourself.
  10. And finally, we have something about safety. There are some travelers who like taking the metaphorical uncharted road. This can be lots of fun and certainly aligns with the first piece of advice given just above, but you should always keep your safety in mind and be certain you have a trusted map or guide with you.

Don’t Wait to Seize the Day

We advise that you make an effort and think of yourself as a veritable traveler and writer. If you want to succeed in writing an essay about travelling you need to put in the work. Refer to your journal when you finally get around to creating a piece for publication. Make sure you compose numerous drafts and appropriately edit and proofread. What can otherwise be a great summer vacations essay can suffer tremendously through lazy writing which usually contains several grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Plan to have somebody else read your work before submission and don’t forget to just have a good trip – the rest should come naturally.

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