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How To Make Money Writing Online – Find Your Dream Writing Job

Do you want to make money writing online? There are a lot of opportunities for entry-level, intermediate, and expert writers. So, where can you find sites offering freelance writing jobs? This article will highlight a few ways to get paid for writing from home.

How To Make Money Writing Online

  1. Blogging
  2. Blogging allows you to express your thoughts online, and it can be a way to make money. Blogs for making money use different platforms such as WordPress and others. You can pick an interesting niche to work on and start publishing. With a solid plan, you can start making a passive income with your blog. It takes a while for most blogs to earn money, so you may need to be a bit patient.

  3. Guest blogging
  4. Guest blogging involves contributing to other blogs. Freelance writers often pitch topics to sites that accept and pay for guest blogs. If the topics are accepted, they write and send it in to be published. You can find sites that accept guest posts online by doing a simple Google search. When you find them, go through the content on the site to know the tone and style of writing accepted on the site. This would make it easier to write an article that would be accepted easily. It is a good way to earn money by writing.

  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. This type of writing involves marketing third party products through your blog. Some eCommerce stores like Amazon have affiliate programs that allow marketers to earn a commission on each item purchased through the affiliate link. Writers who want to delve into affiliate marketing need to write reviews about products, analyzing the features and pros and cons to help end-users to make an informed decision. You can choose to write about different types of products such as electronics, food items, toys, books, movies, and more.

  7. E-book writing
  8. One way to make money writing online is to write and publish an e-book. Many writers have received a passive income from self-publishing their own books on Amazon. It may seem a bit difficult, but you need to set a deadline and pick a good topic to write on. You need a topic that is compelling enough to attract readers. You also need the deadline because it can be easy to lose motivation halfway through the book. After writing the book, you can publish it on Amazon. The process has been simplified to encourage more people to write even if they aren’t professional writers. Be sure to revise the book severally to prevent spelling errors and plagiarism. This book can serve as a good source of income for a long time.

  9. Copywriting
  10. This involves writing copies for content sites. Here you may be required to write employee manuals, and memos for businesses. This type of writing may be slightly different from article and blog writing. But you can learn how to master it and start applying for writing jobs in this niche. As a copywriter, you will get to prepare press releases and product copies. You can find sites to write for on the internet. Some job boards also have vacancies for writers. It is a good fit for a student who wants to write for money.

  11. Apply For Blogging Jobs
  12. This may seem obvious, but it can be the simplest job to land as a freelancer. All you need to do is submit a couple of applications and cross your fingers. Sometimes, all it takes to succeed in the freelance blog writing career is a will to work hard as well as a decent writing ability.
    The best place to start checking for jobs like these is freelance blogging job boards. There are so many popular job boards that gather freelance blogging vacancies all over the web and organizes them in one place for writers to take advantage of.

  13. Enter a writing contest
  14. Entering a writing contest is last on the list of how to make money writing online. It is fun and exciting to join such contests, and you could win cash prizes or other prizes for participation. To find such opportunities, do some research online and find the contests with requirements you can meet. There are so many topics to write on. Many are essays and poems, while some contests request for scripts.

  15. Web content
  16. Some websites need content for their business pages. As a freelancer, if you are SEO oriented, you can easily create web content that draws in organic traffic to patronize the business. If you are not well versed in SEO, then you can learn all about it online. There are lots of resources to help you online.

    To find web content writing jobs, search job boards, or even LinkedIn. The latter site offers applicants an easy way to apply for jobs listed on the platform. It is advisable to write some samples of your work on your page where it can easily be accessed by everyone. This is a very good way of selling your self to the world.

  17. Magazine writing
  18. Most magazines hire freelancers to write pieces for the brand. You can apply to write for them. It may be difficult to find a spot because the spaces for freelancers are limited. You may need to get in touch with an editor to get in.

    In some other cases, you can apply to your school alumni magazine to write. Most school magazines are looking for writers, and as an alumnus, you stand a better chance of getting the job. To get accepted to write, you need to come up with a compelling topic that relates to the issues faced in the school. You can also reach out to another alumnus who is already featuring in the school magazine. Another idea for a pitch is how your life in college has shaped you and how a freelancing career as a student can be beneficial.

Making Money Online? It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you’re still wondering how to make money writing from home, these few ideas can come in handy. There are some other freelance opportunities for writers; you just need to search deeper. You need to be diligent and hard-working to impress your clients and keep them coming for more. In no time, they can become regular clients. That means more work and more money. For other kinds of writing like blogging and self-publishing, you may need to be patient since it may take a longer time to yield results.

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