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Grant Writing For Dummies – Learn The Basics


While there are thousands of opportunities for grants, many people rarely succeed because they do not know how to write grants proposals. Therefore, how do you craft a winning grants proposal? The secret to crafting a killer grant funding proposal is in identifying the right opportunities and knowing what funders are looking for. In this post, we will tell you how to do grant writing and grab that funding opportunity like a pro.

Grant Writing Basics: Where Do You Begin?

Before you can start with grant writing for dummies, it is important to start with the basics. What is grant writing? This is a writing process done to apply for a financial grant from an institution such as trust, company, foundation, or government. It is important to appreciate that funders might have varying instructions for application. So it is important to stick to them.

At this early stage of grant writing, it will be important to talk to a previous recipient and a trusted advisor such as your university lecturer to understand how the grant writing process unfolds. You can also understand the basics by reading good grant writing for dummies. When starting any application, here are the things that you need:

  • A meaningful plan of what you anticipate to do with the grant.
  • A clear outline of how you will get positive results.
  • Identify the granting organization.
  • Align the mission of your plan with the goals of the funding organization.
  • Go through the proposal guidelines.
  • Check other proposals, especially those that were successful.

How to Write Grants Proposals: Elements to Include

Grant proposals can be broken into a number of distinct sections. Although these sections might go with varying titles depending on the funding organization’s preference, they have the same goals. In this section of the grant writing for dummies, we will show you the content that goes into each section.

  • Short Overview
  • In this section, you capture the most important components of the proposal in summary. It can be a single paragraph to about one page. So what do you include?

    1. The goal of your project.
    2. Expected outcomes.
    3. How you will measure success.
    4. Why the project is important.
    5. Explain who you are.
    6. Evaluation of the Problem/ statement of the problem

      At this point of grant writing, you need to explain the problem you are responding to. Make sure to capture the problem well, including the affected population. It is important to capture some facts and current studies that support your assertion. Also, demonstrate how your project is going to fill the gap.

    7. Project Narrative
    8. After identifying the problem, you need to now get deeper into your project. Here, you are going back to items of the overview and explaining them in detail. Therefore, you should aim at demonstrating the goals, project outcomes, and the expected outcomes in detail. Also, demonstrate how you will measure the results and provide the assurance that the project will address the project problem.

    9. Budget
    10. Because you are looking for funds, this section requires you to clarify the amount you want. Also, demonstrate why you want a specific amount. Note that in grant writing, you need to format it in tables.

    11. Other sections
    12. When learning how to write a grant proposal, other important parts include a cover letter for introduction, and organizational qualifications (mission, vision, and function). Also, you should include supporting documents as appendices.

Grant Writing Tips and Tricks

To help you understand grants writing for dummies more effectively, here are some useful tips and tricks that you should use.

  • Make sure to adopt the storytelling approach.
  • Consider including a case study in the grant writing for dummies.
  • Use grant writing examples to learn how to craft a winning proposal.
  • Be as precise as possible with grant writing for dummies.
  • Learn and apply the best practices for writing grants for dummies.
  • Once you are through writing the proposal, consider getting an unbiased editor or a proofreader to assist in checking for spellings and errors.
  • Make sure to strictly follow the grant writing guide provided by the funder.

Rock it Like a Pro by Working with a Grant Writer

At this point, we are not going to lie; grant writing for beginners can be complex. Well, even the top writers in grant writing for dummies took a lot of time to develop their skills. Therefore, if you find grant writing difficult, you are not alone. The best way out is seeking grant writing help from experts.

Grant writing help is offered by professionals with impressive grant writing skills and experience. They have been in the industry for long, assisted others in getting the best grants proposal, and are also willing to assist you. Therefore, do not let grant writing stress you: rock it like a pro by working with a grant writing expert.

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