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Write Short Stories Online And Make Money Doing It

These days getting online writing jobs is easy. Many sites would pay you for your creative short stories as long as they meet certain requirements. Online story writing jobs allow you to make extra cash for rainy days. You can even decide to become a full-time writer if you want. With one amazing short story, you can kick start your writing career online. However, keep in mind that many other people are looking for freelance short story writing jobs as well. Apart from this, many unreliable websites offer nothing but empty promises. So, if you want to avoid getting scammed and get paid to write short stories, keep reading.

Top 7 Legitimate Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Write Short Stories

  1. Get Writing Gigs On Writingjobz.com

    One of the best places to sell your short stories is Writingjobz.com. This platform allows new and experienced writers to showcase their skills, getting up to $15 per page. All you have to do is sign up, connect with clients, and start working.

  2. Sell Your Story On Boulevard

    On Boulevard, you can sell your story for a significant amount of money. This publishing firm pays between $100 to $300 for approved prose and between $25 to $250 per poems. Boulevard is an award-winning journal that has helped authors publish their stories since the year 1985. One of the great things about this journal is that it favors upcoming writers over experienced writers. The goal is to encourage these new writers who have never been paid for published work. However, your work needs to be exceptional if it is to be approved.

  3. Sell Freelance Fiction On Giganotosaurus

    Another great place to sell your short stories is Giganotosaurus. This platform allows you to sell fiction stories for publication. You’ll get $100 per story. While this platform is reputable, it only publishes one story per month. So, getting steady income by simply publishing on this platform will be difficult as your story may not always be accepted for publication.

  4. Get a Story Writer Job On Upwork

    Upwork is a popular gig platform that freelancers use to get work online. Unlike the other platforms, Upwork doesn’t publish your stories for you. It only allows you to meet with clients who may require short stories. It is a highly competitive platform so prepare to struggle with other writers for a position. When you apply for a job, the client will contact you if you are shortlisted. After that, you will be sent a contract, and the agreed amount will be held in escrow. As soon as the client approves your submission, the funds will be credited to your Upwork account.

  5. Get Paid to Write Stories on Fiverr

    Fiverr is just like Upwork. All you have to do is join the gig market and offer your services. However, instead of placing bids on posted jobs, you’ll be the one selling. Clients who are interested in your short story writing services will contact you, and you will get paid to write short stories. Clients can request for revisions long after the stories are completed and writers are under obligation to comply.

  6. Get A Freelance Job On Apex

    Apex is the perfect platform for fiction writers who love to spice things up with horror or fantasy stories. The more unique your work is, the higher your chances of making money on Apex. The platform is interested in writers who break the boundaries of speculative fiction. So, it welcomes you to a world of possibilities. College students who are trying to make money through their creativity can publish jobs on Apex.

  7. Sell Your Story On Flash Fiction Online

    That is one of the most popular sites for short fiction stories. One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it allows you to sell stories as short as 500 words across different genres, including romance, fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction, etc. If your story is accepted, you’ll get a fee of $60 for the story. It’s a flat fee so whether your story is 500 or 2000 words long, you will get the same amount.

Writing is one of the skills in high demand in 2020. So, it’s not a surprise that many platforms can offer you money to write articles, ebooks, and short stories from the comfort of your home. Feel free to read vivid reviews about each platform mentioned above before signing up.

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