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Finding Freelance Writing Jobs: New York City

Many novice and experienced freelance writers are actively looking for freelance writing jobs New York. They know that wages in New York are pretty high and that the clients usually demand quality content. Of course, they are also willing to pay a higher rate for said quality. And given the size of New York, there is never a shortage of clients to choose from. However, getting freelance writing jobs New York can be quite difficult at times. Why? Well, because there are thousands of other writers who are competing with you for those same jobs. Even though we are absolutely certain you are a reliable, professional freelance writer, there are many other writers who can write quality copy. This is precisely why everyone is always on the lookout for new gigs.

Looking For Freelance Writing Jobs New York?

If you want to land some writing jobs in New York, you need to keep some things in mind. New York clients usually require high quality work. Also, they don’t have time to micromanage, so you have to know how to take correct decisions. When you are looking for writers jobs NYC, you need to keep in mind that clients won’t always have time to reply to your every question and that they may feel like you are losing their time if you ask too many questions about what they perceive to be trivial matters. On the bright side, freelance writing jobs NYC tend to pay better than other similar jobs in other markets. Clients expect to pay a fair rate and receive top quality content that meets their requirements.

3 Reasons to Get Writing Jobs in New York

Of course, the main reason why people are looking for jobs for writers in New York is because of the higher pay. You can expect to earn up to 30% more than you would earn in let’s say London. This can amount to quite a hefty sum each month, depending on how many jobs you get and how many projects you manage to complete. Another reason to get freelance writing jobs New York is the fame. Many of the major publications have headquarters in NY, including The New York Times, of course. There are also plenty of huge corporations who are headquartered in NY. Truth be told, there are plenty of writing jobs in New York. The third reason to find freelance jobs in NYC is the quality of the clients. They expect quality work and they are very easy to work with. As long as you meet their expectations, you can expect repeat work every month. New Yorkers know how to appreciate a quality freelancer when they meet one.

So, Let’s Find the Best Writers Jobs NYC

Of course, the best writers jobs NYC has to offer are related to the large publishers like The New York Times, Bloomsbury Publishing, Cambridge University Press, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and The Buffalo News. However, writing for these companies is extremely difficult. Why? Because they are only looking for the best of the best and they also require you to come up with intriguing, original pitches for each and every piece of content you wish to write. You get to write for them only after one of their seasoned editors approves your pitch. If you would prefer a more relaxed environment, there are other writers jobs NYC can offer. You can become a technical writer for one of the large corporations. Technical writing is paid very well in New York. Other freelance writing jobs NYC include blog writing for CEOs who don’t have time to do it themselves or even writing Web copy for the Web properties of some of the smaller companies in the city.

WritingJobz: NYC Freelance Jobs

However, given the extreme number of aspiring writers who want to make a career writing in New York, things can get difficult. There is, however, a place where you can get writing jobs NY quite easily. Also, you can get a steady supply of assignments that pay very well without having to think about pitches and news stories. This place is called WritingJobz.com and it offers New York writing jobs that even new writers can handle. More specifically, WritingJobz focuses on academic writing. Basically, you can write essays, research papers, literature reviews, dissertations, and even term papers for students who don’t know how to do it or who don’t have time to do it. You would be surprised by how many students use this service to get written content for school. The best part about freelance writing NYC for this company is that you get training. A seasoned writer or editor will help you with your first couple of assignments, until you learn the ropes.

Why Academic Writing?

You may be asking yourself why academic writing. There have to be other NYC freelance jobs. Yes, there are; however, you will face fierce competition. WritingJobz, on the other hand, offers you new assignments every day. You won’t have to waste 3 hours every day looking for new freelance jobs in NYC. You just log in and claim the writing assignments that you like. You write them and you get paid. It’s as simple as that! And the best part is that you don’t even have to live in New York City. You can work remotely and write academic content for New York residents.

Working With Us Is Easy

We are constantly looking for freelance writers in New York. Of course, you can apply to work remotely, no problem. Working with us is easy. You just submit your application (remember to give your best when you write the sample content) and you get hired after one of our seasoned editors approves it. You will get all the training and information you need after you get approved, so you can start earning money right away. Remember that we value our freelancers and that we always pay on time – guaranteed.

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