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How To Make A Good Freelance Writer Portfolio?

The best part about being a freelance writer is that you have the means to work on a self-employed basis. There is no real need really to go to an office.

Your job portfolio will say ‘self-employed’. You write for different clients and are paid for each writing assignment.

Freelance Writer Online Portfolio

Your freelance writer portfolio will require details on the different types of content you tackle –

  • website content – nearly every business has a website
  • eBooks – these eBooks sometimes are used to lure people to sign up for the businesses newsletter
  • blogposts
  • magazine articles – more journalistic in nature
  • white papers – professional articles for small businesses

For a freelance writer online portfolio, look for freelance writing portfolio examples as a guide to how it’s done. A good writer portfolio represents all that you are.

The purpose of good job portfolios:

  • bring in more work
  • are used to sell your work
  • need to be kept constantly updated and fresh as new skills are developed
  • tell your employers something about you – your biography

How to build a freelance writing portfolio will require you including a biography to sell yourself. Your employers can see why they should be choosing you over other freelance writers.

The biography will include:

  • Your professional name
  • Your job title
  • A short description that summarizes what you do.

You can also share social media links such as Linkedin or Facebook.

How to Make a Freelance Writer Portfolio

As a freelance writer, your portfolio – a marketing piece – can help you get more work. If you join a freelance writing platform, you can create a simple, but attractive portfolio. Most times clients want to see fresh samples of your work too.

If you’re going it alone, you’ll want to create a good freelance writing portfolio. This is so clients can access it to get the information they require about you and your work.

How to create a freelance writing portfolio is important to know as it is the first impression you’ll make on your clients. There are online tutorials to show you how to create a portfolio and showcase your best samples.

With your portfolio website:

  • You need to have a clear idea and purpose for it. Make sure the content you share is something your clients will be interested in. Make your website easy to look at and organize your content logically.
  • If you’re not sure how a freelance web designer can help.
  • Assemble some of your best articles and group them according to type – research papers, e-books, press releases, product descriptions, resumes and so on. Just make sure it’s easy for clients to navigate and that each page has a link back to your home page.
  • Create that awesome bio of yourself.
  • Once your freelance writing portfolio is ready, its time to start promoting yourself. You can add it to your Facebook or Linkedin profile.
  • Add a contact form on your website or provide an email address so that clients can be in touch.
  • Freelance writer portfolio examples are available online and some of them aren’t standard but really good stand-outs. You can create a modern portfolio and customize your site according to different themes.

Freelance Writing Portfolio Websites

With your freelance writing portfolio, you can’t control how someone is going to move around on your website, so you need to highlight the major areas so they are easy to find.

How to make a portfolio website may have you wondering, but there are top writing portfolio websites to help you:

  • Contently – free for writers. Makes use of a simple, single-page portfolio interface so you can display all your projects or blog posts. Your clients can filter projects and topics.
  • Squarespace – a website builder that allows you to incorporate graphics into your work. They offer 24/7 customer support. There is a price for the website.
  • WordPress – one of the most renowned content management platforms. The paid version gives you many more features. Adaptable WordPress is good if you’re looking for something more than a portfolio later on. Free for a basic blog.

What Is a Portfolio for a Job?

A portfolio for job interview is an excellent way to include your accomplishments as well as an updated resume. A virtual web portfolio that can be viewed on mobile or laptop anywhere anytime and gives you an advantage when looking for a job.

The elements of such a portfolio can consist of:

  • a cover letter
  • your resume or CV
  • letters of recommendation
  • all your licenses, certificates and degrees

Portfolio for a Job ‘Talks’ for You in Your Absence

How to make a portfolio for a job is much the same as a regular portfolio. Because you’ve got your eye on a particular job, your portfolio will have answers for your ‘interviewer’, have samples of your work to demonstrate your abilities and showcase your training and accomplishments.

Such a portfolio needs to do all the talking, and answer all interview questions in your absence.

Technical Writer Portfolio

If you have a career in technical writing, you’ll also need a good portfolio. Technical writing is about understanding technical information about computer applications for instance.

Collect samples of your best work which demonstrate your experience and divide your samples by categories. With management experience, you’ll want to include samples of reports that prove your skills.

The trick with creating your freelance writer portfolio is to keep it simple and uncluttered. Then it’s out there for all the world to see – a valuable step toward a thriving freelance writing business.

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