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Lisa (NY): Being a stay-at-home mom, is the perfect opportunity for me to earn a living while taking care of my children. Their payment system is very good and I always receive my payments on time without fail. I have also had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in many areas and I have very grateful for it. Definitely recommend applying for this site, as the benefits are fantastic!

John (CA): I came across this site when looking into becoming a freelance writer. What initially caught my interest is that they did not claim to pay ludicrous rates, such as $50 per page as some sites, and the website was very professional which made me take a chance and apply. I have not looked back since then, as I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team. I have never been let down with late or missed payments, as they are always on time without a fail. They have also given me the chance to develop my writing, and they are very helpful in pointing out certain errors within your writing and improving it. Definitely recommend working for this company!

Jay (NV): After many years spent working at an office and being bored out of my mind, I realized it was time for something different. I found this website while researching ways in which to work from home, and have not looked back ever since. Constant work is delivered to me at a very god rate and a very generous bonus payment system. I love my home office and being able to work from the comfort of my own home. Definitely recommend applying, but be warned they do not hire any old writer, you need good writing skills, but don’t be scared because of this! Their customer service is very helpful and nice.

Carissa (UT): After graduating from university I decided to become a freelance writer to keep things ticking until I find a real job. Little did I know that it would become my full time job! I am very satisfied at the quality of writing that the company monitors as it keeps my guard up and keeps me challenged. I easily earn more than all my friends who have, as they say, “real jobs’’ in offices. This website is great to meet your needs, if you’re just looking for a little bit of pocket money, or as a full-time job.

John (TX): I started writing for during college to help with my finances. After graduating, I became a full time writer, and have had an absolute blast working for them. They have very good loyalty bonuses as I have been working for a long time, and they always have a steady steam of work for me to complete. Most of all, I feel that I have power over my own job and which projects to complete which is one of the best things working for this service.

Sarah (CA): After having many bad experiences with other freelance websites, I have to say that this one exceeds all my expectations. They have a quick turnaround meaning that you never run out of new projects to write about, keeping your income stream constant. The payments have also been consistent, always being paid out twice a month and on the dates specified. Definitely recommend working for the company.

Lindsey (NJ): I am a part time freelance writer for, while I am in college. Its flexible structure means that it is very easy for me to earn a little bit of side income while studying full time. Payments have never been late and I am always looking forward to writing for the website, as the projects are never dull and are very interesting. The level of support and guidance offered by the company is also unparalleled.

Andy (UK): Having been unemployed after graduating from university, I sough to seek a career in freelancing. Writingjobz was one of the first sites to pique my interest; no ridiculous claims, and it was very professionally presented. I took a punt with this, and quite honestly I haven’t looked back. I am making good money with a constant flow of work; definitely recommend you give it a try.

Roger (CO): A consistent source of work for a very good pay. What more can you ask for from a freelance writing website? Every other site has had problems with either payment or not having a constant stream of work at disposal for their writer. This is definitely not a problem I have experienced with The website is very helpful and prompt in resolving any problems that arise, and take very good care of their writers.

Thomas (NM): The flawless experience of has made me a long time contributor to the site. My problems are always resolved within 24 hours, and I have maintained a great relationship with the website. My loyalty is acknowledged and rewarded in the forms of bonuses and extra work. Definitely recommend applying for being a freelancer for this company!

Connor (IL): This website has brought me a constant stream of work for excellent pay. I am a full-time freelance writer and the bulk of my work comes from writingjobz. Never had a problem with payment, which is always on time without a fail. They heavily scrutinize your writing in the selection process but that is to be expected when applying for a company looking to maintain extremely high standards.

Daniel (FL): I am always left amazed by the quality of work I receive. They have an extremely high standard, and every project is a challenge; something which I absolutely love. This isn’t a website churning out cheap content for cheap prices with barely legible English; there is a high standard to adhere to and you are expected to thoroughly research the complex subjects. If you want a highly satisfying freelancing career then this is the right place for you.

Lyndon (FL): Writing for this agency, no two days are the same. I am constantly receiving projects covering a wide spectrum of subjects. It is highly satisfying to cover such a wide array of topics, and it also broadens my knowledge. Payment is always on time and customer service is always friendly and helpful. Do not hesitate for a minute and apply for be a freelance writer!

Kacey (AL): I am a single mother of two, and I have the chance to make a living from within the comfort of my home, while also being there for my children. It is very easy to make an account and apply for a freelance role, I was told within three days that I had been accepted as a writer, and now I have built a very steady income from the site.

Charles (CT): As someone who constantly seeks a challenge, this is the perfect website for me. I continue to receive topics I need to thoroughly research, even the ones I thought that I was an expert on! My knowledge has continually expanded during my tenure as a freelance writer on the site.

Emma (ID): The level of support offered by is unparalleled. If there is ever a problem they endeavor to resolve it as soon as possible. The online messaging service makes it easy to communicate with clients to tailor the paper to meet their needs, and meet the high standards the company has set.

David (LA): I have made a lot of money writing for, and love their dedication to make the experience a pleasant one for their writers. What I liked most when I joined is the training and tips I received from this service in regards to the style in which they want their client’s essays written. This was very helpful in giving me guidance to write the essays, and make sure it is written to a high standard. They invest in their writers through the professional training and the bonus scheme for writers.

Olivia (TN): What I like the most about this service is that I am in total control over my writing. I can choose which subjects to focus my writing on, which gives me a sense of control I did not experience in my previous job. Moreover, my interactions with clients are always pleasant, and it feels very nice to meet your client’s objectives and nail the job. The messaging service makes the communication between you and the client a very smooth one. Definitely recommend applying!

Mardy (Australia): Their team pays a very good rate for the high standards they require their writers to meet. Every article you submit is checked for plagiarism and to see if it falls within the guidelines. I have had the pleasure of being a part of multitude of projects through this site. The training and writing help I have received have helped me immensely in facets of my life.

Randy (WA): I received great tips from on how they want their writers to present their work and write. You are always supported during your tenure as a writer, which is why I absolutely love working for the company. I also get to choose what and when I want to write, making it easy for me to schedule my writing. Payment is always on time and has never let me down.


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