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Pros and Cons of Finance Writing Jobs

Thinking about trying some finance writing jobs? We both know that it’s one of the most lucrative writing in the market. After all – just the word ‘finance’ is enough to make our mouths water and our wallets open wide. Career-changing companies such as can even give beginner writers the assignments they need to get started.

That being said, how financially rewarding is it? Are there any pitfalls that you should be aware of? With the rise in competition is it even worth getting started today? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of online finance writing jobs.

Pros of Freelance Finance Writer Jobs

The pay is lucrative. According to recent research, you can expect to make approximately US$54 per hour. Grab a few clients here and there and you can easily generate a good (if not luxurious) living. In fact, if you’re really ambitious and build a solid personal brand, you can easily charge more. 

It’s location independent. Get to live anywhere. Want to go see your family in Boston? Go ahead and spend a few weeks (or months at home.) Rather check out a warm tropical beach? Jump on a plane and enjoy. In fact many beaches now have wifi available. Relax under the sun as you type away at those jobs. The margarita comes later! 

Pick and choose your clients. Once you’ve developed a good reputation, you have more say on the rates and clients. In fact, many freelancers enjoy this part of the work the most. Maybe you will too!

In spite of these attractive benefits – is it really worth it to jump into this profession? Just like anything there are drawbacks that you must be aware of.

Cons of Finance Writing

Personal Finance Writing Jobs Require Experience. Unlike most freelance writing jobs, personal finance writing requires experience in finance. Most writers come from a stockbroker or securities background. If you don’t have that then you might be at a disadvantage. This is not just because of the experience: you might not have those connections to get your freelancing career started. You might even have a hard time relating to your clients and their needs. This could be a drawback to getting that momentum you’d want to succeed.

The Job Will Be Stressful. Completing writing jobs is stressful. Online finance writing jobs might be even more so. Deal with deadlines on a regular basis. Deal also with financial markets which are really unpredictable and volatile. Imagine being held responsible for how the markets are going.

It would be the same as blaming the weathermen for the storms that seemingly came out of nowhere. Expect yourself to have to placate clients… especially if they feel like you are being overpaid. After all… you get to do your work at an exotic beach.

Is This Career Path For You?

Feel like taking on personal finance writing jobs? Do you have experience in finance and stocks? This might be for you whether you’re hoping to find a new career or just make some side money. will help you either way.


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