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About Writing Jobz

Tired of slaving your time away at the office for work you could easily complete from home? Want to spend more time at home with the kids and improve your family life? Then is the right place for you. We are looking to hire freelance academic and business writers who will be given consistent work at great rates seldom found elsewhere. Our projects range from complex subjects that require thorough research to subjects that you are passionate about.

Why Work For Us?

Working for us means that you are in complete control of your job. There are no mandatory assignments entrusted upon you but rather, you choose which topics you are comfortable enough to write on, as we believe giving power to our writers is the best way of maintaining the high standards that we have set in the industry. We also offer extremely competitive rates, not found elsewhere on the Internet. Our rates range from $9-$15 per page depending on the complexity of the project and deadline, which is complimented by a generous bonus scheme for urgent projects. Such good rates ensure that we show our appreciation for your writing skills, and to keep a high level in the quality of writing.

We realize that one of the fears freelance writers have is the inconsistent payout seen on other sites, however this will never be a concern for you once you are writing for us. You will be paid out twice a month without fail, and you will not have to worry about missed payments on our behalf.

Most of all, working for us means that you no longer have to sit in a cramped office waiting for the clock to tick to 5pm. You can work from home and enjoy the freedoms it entails including being your own boss and having to answer to no one!


Having been in business since 2009, and setting a new benchmark for the freelance industry, we have extremely high standards that we adhere to and provide our customers with. We only pick the cream of the crop and talented individuals who have a penchant for the written word. When submitting an application to work as a freelance writer, we require a few portfolio items that are then assessed to see if you are a good fit to represent our company. But do not be put off by our standards, as the application system is swift and we endeavor to let you know as soon as possible if you are a good fit for us.


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